Terrarium 1

widow and hornet

Of the inhabitants in Terrarium 1, none have had official names. Any suggestions are welcome.

first day with terrarium

The original purpose of purchasing a 14$ wahl mert aquarium was to retain moisture around the Venus fly trap. I soon added a small circular container with a perforated plastic/rubber lid with 3 locally grown peaches (from my neighbor).

Life box behind black widow

This “life box” provided many fruit flies for consumption of the Venus fly trap as well as later editions to the terrarium “world”.

These include jumping spiders, grasshoppers, box elder beetles, crab spiders, an orb weaver, a black widow, a velvet long-horned beetle, caterpillars, common beetles, house flies, and probably several more.

rose orb weaver venus fly trap
orb weaver rose venus fly trap

So, as I mentioned none of the spiders have had names. And honestly my two favorites have already passed on. The two jumping spiders were by far the most consistently entertaining to watch in a terrarium environment. But one died of possible starvation via misunderstanding, and the other was eaten by the Venus fly trap (if you look really close you can technically see him/her in the 2nd rose picture).

However, I am considering “8” as a good name for the black widow. Wha tchu thank? 8 is having a great day today, as you could see up top. I wonder if spiders get bonus crazy-juice points for eating something that’s potentially lethal.

orb weaver and bee

Don’t worry, I didn’t leave the orb weaver out. She got a nice bee from me.

So now my main concern is about my arachnid responsibilities. I have saved these spiders from destruction. Each were rescues, from spray, eviction/crushing, and then the approaching elements of winter. (The jumping spiders were captures)

But what now? I certainly cannot release them into the winter and expect survival. Insects are becoming less ubiquitous. This is my current question of terrarium care.